vineri, 7 februarie 2014

Little persons

The beauty of working with little people is rewarding beyond words.
They give you the best cuddles in the world and the noisiest kisses. They are sometimes fair, sometimes unreasonable, but always bold and genuine in their questions, wanting to embrace and discover the whole world through one answer.

Without any doubt they can move you to tears of joy or sadness, make you laugh and awaken the child within yourself. They can make you crawl, dance, race, make faces …they can make you feel alive and enjoy life around you.

Children sometimes don`t know what fear is, sometimes have fears that can be removed with a smile; they challenge you to answer tricky questions about life and the world that surrounds them.

Their natural, heartfelt directness and expectations help you realize how complex and unique the human mind is. A child of four can easily teach you about the simplicity of life, about honesty and friendship and how painful and disappointing it is when you/they break those precious principles…the whole world collapses around them. But it takes them minutes to restore their happiness and security and that simply comes with an “I am sorry” and a warm hug.

I have noticed lately a trait of very deep thinking in my children. Their drawings reflect very serious thoughts through metaphoric representations. Simply conversations such as: A: “My grandma is in heaven”. B: “Do you mean she`s dead?” makes you wonder how much we underestimate them, thinking they are only little. Their understanding, feelings and perceptions travel beyond what we usually accept.

I love these little people, I love their crystal laughs and their contagious energy. And most of all, I love them because they don`t make me feel I am “a teacher” ….they make me feel I’m being “the Montessori teacher”, the central focus that helps them flourish and engage in this enormous adventure: LIFE.



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